How to choose a manual forklift


The manual forklift, also known as a pallet truck, is an indispensable tool for yard or warehouse handling. Regardless of the size of your company, moving goods is a priority for two reasons: to facilitate the transport of packages of up to 2-4 tons and to expedite production processes that require the movement of goods between processing departments. In this article, we have chosen to analyze the features, technical specifications, and advantages of the best manual forklifts: here’s what to know before making a purchase.



manual forklift is a transportation device that facilitates the movement of heavy packages in the indoor and outdoor spaces of your warehouse. Not only does it minimize the professional’s effort, but it is often designed with a four-tier structure to ensure maximum stability. The device is also equipped with two forks and usually reaches a working height of no more than 6 to 8 meters. In fact, the manual forklift is designed for moving heavy goods only – for handling heavy packages in the workshop or for loading and unloading trucks – and in no way replaces the operation of a lift.


Before proceeding to purchase a manual forklift, it’s important to take into consideration the use to which you want to put it in your warehouse. Without careful analysis of the features summarized below, it will be impossible to opt for the model best suited to your needs.

In detail:

  • Goods to be moved: knowing the quantity and weight of the packages to be moved is undoubtedly among the factors that play a key role. The maximum capacity of the manual electric lift usually ranges from 150 kg in the smallest and most compact models to 350 to 400 kg of load.
  • Fork size: buying a manual forklift equipped with an adjustable fork is the best way to ensure you have an excellent grip on any type of goods and, most importantly, room to maneuver in wide or narrow spaces.
  • Safety systems: high-quality forklifts are often equipped with two or more safety systems. The braked winch, automatic anti-fall brake, and intermediate blocks ensure the handling of heavy packages in the full safety of the professional.
  • Accessories: a versatile device saves time and effort. Purposeful use is all the operator needs to be satisfied with the purchase in the long run.


To each their own! Buying a manual forklift is anything but complex: Sollevapratico’s online store provides models with compact designs and variable load capacity in order to find a concrete solution to the needs of our customers.

Toro A 

The TORO-A series lift is designed for use on construction sites and is equipped with a cylindrical load attachment. Its compact and sturdy design makes it ideal for moving air ducts, glass ladders, transporting goods, unloading trucks, and shop work practices. With its anti-torsional steel lifting rope and an automatic brake for vertical and horizontal handling, it reaches a maximum height of 2.9 meters with a load capacity of 150 kg.

Toro B

The Toro-B manual forklift is designed for setting up exhibition booths. Its superior load capacity (up to 200 kg) is perfectly balanced by the maximum attainable height: up to 4 or 6.30 meters depending on the model chosen. In addition, the adjustable fork width makes it ideal for jobs where stability is everything. Finally, the device is equipped with three safety systems: braked winch, intermediate blocks, and an automatic anti-fall brake.

Toro C

With its height of up to 8 meters and a maximum payload capacity of 300 kg (model C-306), the Toro-C is designed for on-site use and is intended for the installation of air conditioners, moving packages in warehouses, or handling trade show materials. Again, the compact design and adjustable, reversible fork are the basis of a very versatile manual forklift.

Toro D 

This manual forklift Toro D has a load capacity of up to 400 kg and reaches heights of 8 meters max. (D-407). The base with adjustable wheelbase and steel lifting rope makes it ideal for construction site handling. It is also equipped with 200 mm wheels for easy transportation, as well as a roller blind holder, hook, and loading platform.

Lifter BD 2 – The handle lift makes usability its trademark. Not only is it safe, stable, and reliable, but it is designed to be carried in a car. We recommend it for lifting weights such as awnings, air conditioners, and small pallets. It is also equipped with rubberized rear wheels and low weight (55 kg). It reaches a maximum height of 3.8 meters with 180 kg of load.

Lifter BD 1 – The younger brother of the BD 2 is a manual forklift designed in durable aluminum and equipped with rubberized rear wheels for easy movement over uneven pavement/terrain. Dismountable for car transport, it weighs d 55 kg and reaches a maximum height of 3 meters (up to 180 kg load).


All TORO manual forklifts ensure full control over the lifting and handling of packages. In fact, the lifting phase takes place with self-locking safety winches. If you are looking for more information, please contact us: the company Sollevapratico puts at your complete disposal a team of technicians ready to advise you on the innovative solution that is right for you. The keyword is safety. All our devices are designed for intensive and prolonged use, putting your needs first. First of all, it is indeed necessary to understand what kind of goods you want to handle and what are the loading and unloading situations in which you want to use our manual forklifts. Finally, we remind you that the best forklift is the one that adapts to any working environment (warehouse, truck, construction site, etc.), simplifying moving practices in record time.

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