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Max Height: 300 cmMax Flow: 170 kgWeight: 63 kg

With a load capacity of up to 170 kg and a reachable working height of 4.10 meters max., the TORO-A manual lifter rightfully enters the ranking of the best machinery for handling goods and/or heavy materials on construction sites .

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Designed to speed up the lifting of shutters, gazebos, glass or metal stairs, air conditioners and air ducts, the device is a perfectly balanced combination of versatility – in fact, there are many compatible accessories that can be purchased on – safety and convenience of use. On the one hand, the robust design is easily transportable thanks to the 200 mm wheels and, on the other, the 3 independent safety systems put the user's health first. The advantage? The TORO-A manual winch lifter gets you up and running in less than 30 seconds, facilitating the handling of bulky and/or delicate loads with integrated lift level control for perfect operation. In detail:
  • Variable width forks
  • Load capacity up to 170 kg and a working height of max. of 4.10 meters
  • Support base equipped with wheels and 2 stabilizing arms
  • Lifting cable made of ultra-resistant and anti-corrosion steel
  • 3 independent safety systems: intermediate blocks, braked winch and automatic anti-fall brake
  • German certification TUV – GS – BGV D8
  • Pneumatic or electric operation to ensure full freedom of action for the operator
  • Base with adjustable center distance, precision system for facade work and control during lifting for precise and stable handling in all operating conditions.
However, the benefits of the TORO-A hand truck are not limited to the aforementioned features alone. At we believe in the value of customization. We have a wide range of extra accessories that you can use to transform the manual forklift into a faithful ally on the construction site (and beyond). From the extensions to the hook, passing through the cylindrical support, the inclined arm and the platform: each component allows TORO-A to be adapted to individual industrial use, improving even the most intense work sessions.

Detailed price list

Model Max height Max payload Closed height Weight Price
A-101/C 2.90 m 170 kg 1.75 m 56.5 kg 1.800,00 €
A-102/C 4.10 m 150 kg 1.75 m 65 kg 2.000,00 €