Max Height: 380 cmMax Flow: 180 kgWeight: 63,5 kg

Winch crank lift, safe and reliable, easily transportable even by car by easily folding the legs, excellent for lifting weights, such as awnings, air conditioners and small pallets.



Handy, ready to use and easy to use in multiple work environments. The BD2 manual lifter is designed for handling awnings, pergolas, light pallets, air conditioners and loads with a total weight of up to 180 kg. With its lifting height of up to 3.80 meters and an aluminum body equipped with anti-torsion rails and steel pulleys, the machine is not only immediately usable on site or in private areas, but can also be disassembled in a few minutes to simplify transport by car. Thanks to the structure weight of only 55 kg, the operator is free to remove the legs of the BD2 manual lifter with 76 mm braking castors and choose the extra accessories needed to streamline work practices. Among the many, the forks with adjustable width, the hook, the suction cups for lifting the windows and the support for roller shutters or curtains. In detail:
  • The winch lifter with a capacity of 180 kg is equipped with an anti-corrosion steel cable and an automatic brake to preserve the user's safety.
  • The two 250 mm rear wheels have an adjustable wheelbase up to 1060 mm to improve the stability and grip of the device.
  • Total weight of 55 kg to lift maximum loads of 180 kg up to 3.80 meters in height.
  • Extra accessories available: cylinder support, hook and glass suction cups. The BD2 hand stacker is equipped with standard forks.
  • The aluminum body with steel pulleys is resistant, as well as easily disassembled to facilitate transport by car or small cargo van.
The BD2 hand winch lifter is a cleverly balanced combination of heavy-duty machine body, rapid transport and excellent performance for lifting air conditioners, small pallets, curtains, glass and loads weighing less than 180 kg.