Glass suction cups: guide to choosing the right suction cup lifter


The glass industry (and beyond) requires specially designed tools to preserve the integrity of materials, facilitate handling, and enrich your company’s machinery compartment with efficient and functional products in the long run. Glass suction cup lifters are devices designed to improve the work procedure: the professional must in fact act with firmness and millimeter precision, facilitating the rotation and tilting of panels. In this article, we have decided to review the features, benefits, and technical specifications of the best glass suction cup lifters available on Sollevapratico: the online store that offers its customers dozens of versatile solutions for the purpose of simplifying the site or warehouse setup.



Models of glass lifters vary greatly depending on maximum load capacity, size, and power system (manual or electric). The shape of the suction cups is highly specific because it is molded according to the material to be handled, as well as its weight. Taking these (and other) characteristics into account is the starting point from which to order an effective and versatile machine: here’s what to know.



Suction cup lifters are a safe and easy-to-handle solution that allows the user to move sheets and panels of varying sizes. The use of these devices ranges depending on the type of task: from the installation of glazing intended for outdoor environments to construction site glazing, from the construction of building facades to the installation of indoor living decorations. Whatever your needs, remember to carefully consider the use to which you intend to put the suction cup lifter to be integrated into your machine pool. The vast majority of our products come with an electro-welded, ultra-robust aluminum frame, wheels to aid movement over uneven terrain, parking brakes, and a telescopic boom. Notwithstanding that product stability is the unequivocal characteristic of a good suction cup lifter, never underestimate its technical specifications


Are you looking for a device that can be used by a single operator? Do you want to use the machine on uneven terrain, without affecting the stability and safety of the professional? In the vast majority of cases, the most suitable glass lifter for business needs features:

  • 90-degree rotation of the elements: it will enable you to manage laying practices in any space (even narrow ones) with pinpoint accuracy.
  • The ability to use it manually in the event of temporary power failure-a factor to consider should you work intensively and need to carry on the deployment process continuously.
  • Quality suction cups: the four pump suction cups are designed to move slabs ranging in weight from 120 kg to 420-600 kg (Glass manipulator 420 and Glass manipulator Robby 600XL).
  • Tilting arm to facilitate proper handling of materials from lifting from the ground to positioning.
  • Joystick control (optional) to remotely maneuver and manage handling practices with one hand.


Have you made up your mind regarding the type of glass suction cup lifter best suited to your needs? Before making your purchase, we at Sollevapratico advise you to analyze the features of the many models available on the market, without settling for the few devices physically available in your area/city. It is much better to seek targeted advice, choosing from versatile products all accompanied by an excellent value for money. The budget savings will be substantial! Some examples?

The GT2 manual glass lifter is the basic device in the range. With its load capacity of 18 kg and a maximum attainable height of 1.4 meters, it is equipped with suction cups with variable center distance and an automatic brake for greater precision. The sturdy structure allows a rotation of the elements of 2440 mm, masterfully adapting to the dimensions of the panels to be moved.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for a compact and high-performance product, we suggest you take a look at the GRM – 250:it reaches a height of 2.70 meters and a max. the capacity of 250 kg. This model ensures a translating load even laterally due to the joint at the head of the arm, parking brakes and variable load capacity depending on the counterweights mounted to the structure.

Among devices equipped with a joystick and (also) manual operation, we recommend instead the CA400 (4.2 meters and 120 kg max. capacity). The 230V 50/60 Hz single-phase motor with variable speed drive allows you to do the handling practices in record time.

To conclude this first roundup of electric suction lift for glass BD 400 (4.1 meters for 250 kg max. load capacity), is among the most stable, precise, and safe products due to its motor lock, emergency stop, and two additional translatable front/back stabilizers. In comparison to the CA400, the BD 400 helps the user to handle heavier workloads without slowing down the work process.

A separate consideration goes to Robby manipulators. Designed for setting up glazing of heavy weights and sizes, they feature motorized operations to make them valuable allies on rough terrain. The models in the Robby range-a Sollevapratico exclusive– are equipped with two side stabilizer bars, a swing arm, an alarm in case of suction cup malfunction, and a built-in battery charger to be operational at all times. The maximum capacity of the lifts can be close to 600 kg (Robby 600XL).


Speeding up practices is not always easy, especially in the absence of equipment designed specifically for your needs. At Sollevapratico, we have been committed for years to the advice and assistance that customers need when first using our products. After all, we believe it is important to establish a relationship of trust with the professional who chooses our products. We are happy to follow you through the pre-and post-purchase stages so that you can discover all the secrets of your glass suction cup lifter.

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