Max Height: 420 cmMax Flow: 120 kgWeight: 66 kg

The CA400 lift is sturdier and more performing. Exceptional for the installation of air conditioners, climate control systems, false ceilings and garage doors and for lifting up to 4.20 meters in height.
The 4 feet are equipped with wheels with brakes, and it can also be used on sloping terrain.



The CA 400 glass lifter is the professional ally for installing glazing on roofs, facades and verandas. With a max. weighing 120 kg at a height of 4.2 meters (with an angle of 80°) and a total weight of 66 kg, the machine is a combination of millimeter precision, sturdiness and ease of transport in all working conditions. The design consists of three load-bearing elements: the optional glass support, the counterweight with which to work on the facade and the motorized column (230V – 50/60 Hz with speed variator). In addition, the advantage for professionals is tangible: with the CA 400 suction cup lifter it is possible to operate in total safety even in the event of a power failure. Under favorable conditions, the user can use the ergonomic and non-slip joystick to control speed, reverse gear and the belt clip. In addition, the glass holder uses 200 mm safety suction cups with a capacity of 65 kg each (safety factor: 2) with a brass and steel coating. In fact, quality is an indisputable prerogative of the CA 400 glass lifter. In detail:
  • Foldable mode of transport for travel and transit in comfort
  • Counterweights for facade work in order to work with greater stability and precision
  • Adjustable feet with open dimensions of 980 x 1010 mm
  • Advanced safety system: automatic torque limiter stops machine operation in the event of an overload
  • Many extra accessories available for maximum customization on site
  • Excellent technical specifications: max. of 120 kg at 4.2 meters in height with an 80° working angle.
The CA 400 lift is the all-rounder for any industrial activity, even on uneven floors. We at Sollevapratico remind you that the suction cups - with aluminum support - allow you to mount the glass on the roof with stability, precision and an excellent quality-price ratio. After all, the machine is a winning investment in the short and long term, as well as a Sollevapratico exclusive. In the standard configuration it has accessories predisposition and is included with platform and weights. The suction cup assembly is a separate accessory NOT included.