Electric stair climber: advantages and how to choose the best one


Moving heavy loads requires ad tailor-made machinery. The electric stair climber is a reliable and durable device that facilitates the ascent and descent of stairs in record time, putting the quality of work and the safety of the operator involved in the transport first. We at Sollevapratico have finally decided to present the features, advantages, and functionality of the best-selling models available in our online store, all of which are intended for purchase or rental by companies and individuals.



The stair climber trolley has a structure similar to that of an ordinary manual trolley, with a built-in electrical system that can be switched on and off as needed. Before proceeding with the actual purchase, we, therefore, advise you to carefully analyze the use to which you intend to put “the latest addition” to your machine compartment.

Stair climber trolleys are used, in fact, for private and public activities, as well as in moving and trade fair events, in order to lift any type of weight: fixtures, sheets of glass, refrigerators, washing machines, sofas, crates, and boxes of all kinds, and so on. Their use allows minimizing the prolonged effort that affects the back and spine of the worker, who is at risk of injury and damage when handling heavy goods and/or objects. Consequently, the electric stair climber trolley must first and foremost relieve the professional of a potentially wearisome manual task. In this regard, it must be chosen with the utmost care!


The electric stair climbing trolley saves, thus, valuable time on transportation practices and lowers the risks related to the health of the professional. On the other hand, do not underestimate the importance of your new purchase. The device in question is a long-term investment that must make durability and strength its strong points.

In addition to the above:

  • Manual or electric trolley? At Sollevapratico, we believe in the power of the latest smart devices that can be operated with one hand. Therefore, our ladder lifts are the latest in technology and innovation. Anything as long as you can expedite work practices without stress!
  • Maximum weight supported. Before you request a free consultation with our team in a few simple clicks, try to estimate the maximum weight capacity you are used to moving during your transportation practices. We will know how to help you with a focus on usability!
  • Versatility. Our stair climber trolleys allow the operator to work in perfect balance even on rough terrains such as wet soil, gravel, and grass. Don’t put limits on your problem-solving skills!
  • Quality of materials. The electric ladder trolley must be a faithful ally in the long run. Accordingly, we suggest you opt for devices equipped with scratch-resistant tracks (with 360-degree rotation) and durable compound shells.


The recommended use of the electric stair climber trolley can be summarized into three occupational macro-categories:

  • The handling of relatively light household appliances (washing machines, refrigerators, ovens, and so on).
  • The management of professional transportation in which goods must arrive at their destination perfectly unharmed.
  • Rapid and intense site moves and movings. Professionals, therefore, need equipment that is effective and easy to maneuver.

Don’t forget that electric stair climber trolleys are still guided by an operator’s hand, but they use rechargeable power to move precisely and reliably in any direction you want. Such machines are also effective with helical spiral staircases.


At Sollevapratico, we never compromise on quality and have put a lot of energy into researching electric stair climber trolleys that are capable of meeting the needs of our loyal customers.  The result has enabled us to climb Mount Olympus of handling for companies, construction sites, and individuals. In particular, 2 are the models we have exclusively selected for you.

carrello saliscale elettrico DOMINO The stair climber trolley DOMINO

The DOMINO electric stair climber trolley is the 360-degree rotation crawler designed to climb and descend stairs of any height, type, and shape. Its maximum capacity ranges from 160 kg to 400 kg depending on the model selected (among the 3 available). The strength of the device in question is its ability to balance the weight of the neck in complete autonomy, without forcing the operator to hold it in precarious balance. The result? With its included 220/24V charger and swivel wheels for transport on flat surfaces, the DOMINO electric stair climber trolley will not betray your expectations. Contact our team to receive tailored advice and dispel all your doubts. We have a wide range of accessories and options to customize the right device for you.

carrelo saliscale skipper The stair climber trolley SKIPPER

The SKIPPER electric stair climber trolley is available in three models (the SKIPPER 160, 300, and 400), each of which is designed to support a different maximum weight (in kg) (160 kg, 200 kg, and 400 kg). In addition to the standard, equipment-we refer to the strap with ratchet attachment and the box for automatic battery charging-the device in question is equipped with an accessory for handling doors and/or windows and a base with swivel wheels. Again, the SKIPPER has scratch-resistant tracks with 360-degree rotation that provide optimum grip on any surface.



The best electric stair climber trolley: Sollevapratico solutions

Did you get to read this far but are still undecided about what to do? Don’t worry, it’s completely normal! You are likely to feel the need to trust yourself in the hands of transparent and friendly professionals who can become an integral part of the team. For this reason, we at Sollevapratico make our experience gained over time available to you completely free of charge. We not only accompany and advise you step by step but also help you unlock the secrets of your new electric stair climber trolley during the very first stages of use.


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