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Max Flow: 400 kg

Capacity from 160 kg up to 400 kg

The Skipper stair climbing trolley features independent tracks, an intuitive joystick and an accessory for moving doors and windows.

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Due to its four different heights and 360-degree rotation capability, the machine is not only tilting, but also designed to transport heavy, long or high loads - such as windows and doors - without damaging the maneuvering space and/or the goods. With its components made of an extremely strong special compound, the user can ascend and descend any type of ladder in complete safety. In addition, the electric stairlift's non-marking crawlers allow it to cover uneven surfaces, unloading the weight of the device onto the base of the equipment. The user does not have to keep the machine balanced during the handling phases, risking losing control over the maneuver. The height-adjustable base (0-18 centimeters) can be positioned on 4 different levels: 4.5 centimeters above the floor, 9 centimeters, 13.5 centimeters and 18 centimeters.  In addition, the Skipper electric stairlift allows loads to be handled flat, both indoors and outdoors. The variable tilt and non-slip body place the user's safety first.   In detail, the standard equipment contains:
  • 1 securing strap with ratchet
  • 2 24V battery boxes
  • 1 automatic battery charger 220/24 V
  • 1 sheet-metal base 40x25 cm
  The technical features of the Skipper electric climbing stairlift are as follows:
  • Max. available capacities: 160 kg, 300 kg, and 400 kg
  • Battery life: about 1000 steps (160kg model), about 750 steps (300kg model), and about 500 steps (400kg model)
  • Efficient on uneven stairs due to the non-marking crawler wheels that preserve the surfaces of valuable floors, such as wood or marble
  • Variable inclination with weight relief on the staircase
  • Level outdoor or indoor movement
  • Maneuverable in tight spaces due to dual electric motor and remote joystick (up to 400 kg)
  • Minimum height (with closed structure): 126 centimeters; frame width: 56 centimeters; depth: 20 centimeters
The Skipper electric climbing stairlift has an intelligent battery with no memory effect for intensive use in the long term, as well as an adjustable travel speed on a scale of about 1 meter every 2 seconds.

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