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Max Flow: 400 kg

Equipped with independent tracks with 360 degree rotation and Automatic mode, the Domino electric stair climbing trolley is the scratch and stain resistant machine for intensive indoor or outdoor use.

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Since the weight of the load is always evenly discharged on the stair step, the operator does not run the risk of losing control over the maneuver. The grip of the compound increases the stability of the device, increases the safety of the user and drastically reduces the risk of slipping. In addition, the dual electric motor ensures maximum maneuverability even in tight spaces or on slippery and uneven surfaces - such as gravel, dirt, grass, etc. In terms of additional functionality, the Domino electric stairlift has an electric actuator to adjust the inclination of the load so that it is vertical and always balanced. In addition, the Automatic mode of Domino electrically tilts the load placed on the platform of the device. All the operator has to do is operate the crawler remotely using the user-friendly joystick. Nevertheless, the user is free to switch to manual mode at any time to speed up work practices in an autonomous and versatile manner.   The standard equipment of the electric stairlift contains:
  • 1 standard battery box
  • 1 load securing strap
  • 1 automatic battery charger 220/24 V
  • 2 swiveling wheels for manual handling on level ground
  • 1 standard base of 50x62 cm
  Additional features and technical specifications of the Domino stairlift are as follows:
  • Available capacities: 160 kg, 300 kg, and 400 kg
  • Dimensions: 950x525x1145 mm with height of the loading surface from the ground of 132 mm
  • Detachable frame and height adjustable handle
  • Adjustable speed on the stairs through the joystick included in the standard package: 200 mm/s (Domino 160), 125 mm/s (Domino 300) and 80 mm/s (Domino 400)
  • Silicone battery without memory effect for intensive and long-lasting use
  • Battery life: approx. 1000 steps (Domino 160), approx. 750 steps (Domino 300) and approx. 500 steps (Domino 400)
In addition, the electric climbing stairlift Domino won the first prize at the “Health and Safety Show” in London (2016) as the best combination of avant-garde, operator safety and ease of use.

Detailed price list

Car Battery Chargers   290,00 € + IVA
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Adjustable stand for photocopiers without wheels   800,00 € + IVA
Adjustable stand for bulky loads   450,00 € + IVA
Wheeled base for bumpy flat surfaces   500,00 € + IVA
Ramp for loading/unloading from the wheeled van   550,00 € + IVA
Centre arm for van   500,00 € + IVA
Base for narrow landings   450,00 € + IVA
Slanted base for van   600,00 € + IVA
Cylinder accessory:   850,00 € + IVA
Additional battery box   450,00 € + IVA
Lithium battery box   1.550,00 € + IVA