Lifts designed for handling indoor and outdoor glass sheets are indispensable on all construction sites (and beyond). In fact, the devices that we at Sollevapratico make available to our customers are versatile and reliable in any operating condition and designed to put the professionals who use them safely. As is often the case, lifting slabs requires some specific precautions. On the one hand, it is a must to have high-performance, purpose-designed machines, and, on the other hand, it is crucial to opt for robust and precise models. In this article, we have chosen to review the features of our top-of-the-line Robby machines so as to guide you step by step in the rental or purchase stages.


The outdoor and indoor glasses lift is designed for setting up sheets, windows, and French doors of considerable weight and size. Motorized movement speeds up work practices without adversely affecting user safety and quality of movement. To succeed, you need to take a few features into consideration. First, consider the use to which you intend to put your new construction equipment: occasional or intensive? What is the maximum load of your handlings? What heights do you need to reach? This simple information allows our friendly team to advise you accurately, finding the best solution for your needs. In addition:
  • Manual or electric? The outdoor and indoor glass lift can belong to two macro-categories: the first subjects the professional to more physical exertion and is recommended in the case of occasional, undemanding handling; the second allows the use of the unique control joystick for remote maneuvering.
  • Glass Lift Stability. The products we at Sollevapratico have selected for you are equipped with pneumatic drive wheels to ensure optimal stability even on steep terrain. The latter is an element not to be underestimated if you are used to working outdoors.
  • Maximum load. Each outdoor and indoor window lift has a different maximum load at the hook or suction cups (about 400-650 kg depending on the model).
  • Safety systems. The lifts available in our store are equipped with an alarm in case of a suction cup malfunction. In addition, the battery charger is incorporated into the body of the machine and is properly protected to operate even in adverse conditions.


Robby lifters represent an expertly balanced mix of all the features you need to expedite yard practices. The installation of glass sheets is ensured by a 360-degree rotation system, a 180-degree bend radius, and lateral movement of up to 200 mm for even more accurate and precise handling of windows and French doors. In addition, the double pump circuit – produced in accordance with European Union EN 13155 standards – enhances the effectiveness of the self-supporting system. If you are looking for a long-term effective device for moving sheets and fixtures of any size, Robby outdoor and indoor glass lifters are the stable, safe, and easy-to-operate solution to your concerns.


If you’re still undecided on the outdoor and indoor glass sheet lifter right for you, we suggest you carefully read the technical specifications of the best Robby models, an exclusive Sollevapratico. The Robby 420 has a weight of 740 kg and dimensions of 1430 x 800 x 230 mm. It reaches a maximum height of 2.8 meters for a load capacity of 420 kg. Its strength lies in its compact design and easy maneuverability on rough and/or downhill terrain. In addition, the telescopic tilting arm (up to 600 mm) stabilizes the grip of the slab from the ground until it is properly positioned. The two-side stabilizer bars, also found in other Robby models, keep the professional safe even during the most demanding handling. The Robby 420 XL is the big brother of the previous model. It reaches a maximum height of 3.2 meters with a load of 420 kg. The major difference lies in the ability of the telescopic tilting arm to move sheets up to 1700 mm. The professional can also manually rotate the front glass support and rely on a lateral swing of up to 200 mm for ultra-high-precision installation. The Robby 600 glass manipulator performs best on rough and uneven terrain (even with a load on its suction cups). It reaches a height of 2.95 meters with packages up to 600 kg. The remote control joystick allows users to keep an eye on every step of the paving process, minimizing the risk of damaging materials. Again, the user can rely on the lateral displacement of up to 200 mm to adjust handling without maneuvering the machinery. Last but not least, the Robby 600 XL outdoor and indoor glass lifter reaches a considerable height (3.8 meters) with a maximum capacity of 600 kg. If you are looking for a device suitable for intensive work with sizable windows and balcony doors, the XL model provides an increased arm extension of up to 1000 mm more than the Robby 600.


Purchasing an indoor and outdoor glass lifter involves a thorough knowledge of both your professional needs and the models currently available on the market. Too often, customers settle for devices available from local dealers in their area without considering that the Web has very advantageous catalogs. Consequently, our team’s goal is to provide you with all the assistance you need to choose the right glass lifter for you. From purchase to first uses, we provide our many years of experience to ensure you get the best yard machinery at competitive prices. Contact us without obligation and tell us about yourself and your business needs!
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