Trasportatore cingolato | TT 1000

 16.500,00 + IVA

Portata Max: 1000 kg

Il trasportatore mobile cingolato TT 1000 è ideale per la movimentazione di carichi pesanti in completa semplicità. I suoi robusti cingoli li consentono di attraversare terreni sconnessi, anche con pendenze importanti, raggiungendo spazi anche molto stretti grazie alle sue dimensioni compatte.



The TT 1000 tracked mobile transporter is ideal for handling heavy loads in complete simplicity. Its sturdy tracks allow it to cross rough terrain, even with important slopes, reaching even very narrow spaces thanks to its compact size. Its load capacity reaches a total of 1000 kg, making it perfect for handling loads of any type, even for high loads such as frames for windows and windows. Its electrical operation is specifically designed to make the operator as easy as possible, thanks to its remote control it is possible to move the TT 1000 in complete safety and convenience. THE IDEAL SOLUTION FOR WORKING WITHOUT FATIGUE AND SAFETY.