Portable electric suction cup for handling marble and granite

The portable, electrically-operated lifter enables universal and extremely precise moving practices to be expedited. The suction cup adheres to a variety of surfaces: wood, diamond plates, and sandwich panels, among many others. A similar discussion applies to porous or uneven materials (including raw slate, glass, natural stone, marble, checker plate, or metal) that can be removed and installed either by using ropes and/or cranes or manually. Grabo’s proposal simplifies the work of stonemasons, glaziers, carriers, and carpenters looking for a device capable of increasing work safety and speed of action.

The electric suction cup facilitates the loading of household appliances (washing machines and refrigerators), boxes, and furniture of any size; it also aids the finishing and processing of plywood, lumber, and plasterboard beams by limiting the physical effort required from the user. In this way, the professional can reduce the risk of impact and damage to materials (such as marble). The Sollevapratico proposal owes its fortune to the versatility of the innovative technology: it is no coincidence that the Grabo electric suction cup was tested by NASA itself in order to speed up the movement of heavy materials in orbit, on international space stations.

In detail:

  • Grabo adheres to all major work surfaces. Each device is marked with a serial number and personally tested before it is put on the market. This makes it possible to track the quality of the suction cup and distribute the top-of-the-line signed Sollevapratico.
  • Grabo lifts up to 170 kg of ceramic tiles and glass. A similar discussion applies to moving metal (110 kg), plastic and/or wood (100 kg), raw concrete (80 kg), or drywall (75 kg).
  • The portable electric suction cup battery boasts a battery life of about 2 hours for a total of 1.5 hours of charging time. The Grabo lift is therefore perfect for speeding up conveyor moves or glass/wood/marble moves needed in processing workshops.
  • The overall weight of the Grabo suction cup is the strong point of the Sollevapratico device: the 1.5 kg (with battery) allows it to lift the vast majority of surfaces both parallel and perpendicular. Recall that, in the former case, the lifting power turns out to be lower than previously mentioned: ceramic and glass tiles (120 kg), metal (110 kg), plastic (100 kg), raw concrete (80 kg), and plasterboard and/or wood (65 kg).

Finally, the Universal Portable Lifter is shipped in its original box and accompanied by the tracking numbers needed to prove its functionality. It will be sufficient to attach the tool directly to the surface to be moved before exerting the effort necessary for lifting. The reliability of the machine is guaranteed by the production, assembly, and testing cycle that does not involve the use of external parts, in accordance with state-of-the-art engineering innovations. As a result, the Grabo suction cup is compact, safe, and highly versatile.

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