Single-seat vertical aerial platform. A new indoor product designed for use in warehouses and racking due to its compact size.

Category: SKU: Z-TX


Single-seat aerial platform with vertical extension, with Microlift Z-TX. Our company expands its range of aerial platforms.

A new indoor product designed for use in warehouses and racking, we have kept the compact dimensions (120 x 70 x 170 cm. floor space) that make it easily transportable on small vans due to its extremely low weight but with the convenience of being able to move with the platform up to 3 meters off the ground.

Two powerful motors of 450 W each provide excellent, very progressive, and intuitive traction that, combined with the joystick with proportional controls, ensure precise maneuvers and excellent travel speed control.

Offering a maximum working height of 5 meters and extreme maneuverability, these platforms lend themselves to maintenance work in companies, offices, warehouses, and supermarkets while the 24V battery operation allows them to be used even in environments without a power supply offering high autonomy due to the use of semi-traction batteries.

Among the standard equipment found on the Microlift series aerial platforms, it includes an electronic battery charger built into the base frame, a battery remaining charge indicator on the work surface, and 200 mm non-marking wheels.

The extruded aluminum lifting column, designed directly by our company, also gives the maximum working height safety and stability while keeping the required maintenance to a minimum.

With this model of aerial platforms, we can offer our clients the quality of always at a very low price!

The strength of this platform is the ability to move in complete safety when fully developed at 3 meters above the ground. The movement speeds are reduced and the side protections (yellow miniskirts) prevent it from tipping over.

There are many customizations that can be requested in order to make this platform ideal for any kind of work. The great novelty introduced with this version is the basket that can be extended 70 cm. from the platform frame file, which, if added to the 70 cm that the frame allows, we can work overhanging 140 cm. From the line of the lifting column. For safety reasons and so as not to compromise stability, translation even at height is allowed only with the work platform retracted.