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Max Height: 400 cmMax Flow: 125 kg

The extremely compact ELC 725 manual lift, ideal for mounting awnings, pergolas, air conditioners or air ducts. Thanks to its size and low weight, it can be moved and handled very easily. Indispensable for working in safety and comfort!



The ELC 725 manual lifter is your faithful workmate for handling air conditioners, awnings, pergolas, air ducts and loads with a total weight of up to 125 kg. The compact design with anti-twist steel body reaches a height of 4 meters. Furthermore, the steel pulleys, the dimensions of the platform of 450 x 450 millimeters and the practicality of the structure make the ELC 725 telescopic manual lifter an indispensable tool, as well as easily transportable on all professional vehicles thanks to the feet with 100 mm wheels equipped with brake. The machine does not require assembly or complex assembly: it is sufficient to place the device on the ground, open the four legs to stabilize the machine body, house the platform and operate the winch. In detail:
  • Load capacity up to 125 kg
  • Weight of the ELC 725 telehandler of 47 kg
  • Platform weight of 4 kg
  • Loading height max. 4.2 meters
  • Platform dimensions 550 x 500
  • 4 mm steel cables
  • Manual winch with internal automatic brake
  • Feet with 100 mm wheels equipped with brakes
  • Larger wheels for transport when closed
  • Non-slip, comfortable and robust carrying handle
In addition, we remind you that the ELC 725 telescopic manual handler has a 360-degree rotating platform to assume the most suitable ascent/descent angle for the work environment. As if that weren't enough, the legs of the device are locked by means of ultra-resistant and anti-oxidant steel pins for an industrial investment destined to last a long time. Convenient for installations on construction sites (and not only), the ELC 725 manual telehandler (like all our handlers) complies with intensive use according to the new Legislative Decree on safety number 81 of 9 April 2008 and is equipped with the CE mark .

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