Max Height: 345 cmMax Flow: 200 kg

With a load capacity of up to 200 kg and a reachable working height of 3.45 meters max., the TORO-E manual lifter was conceived and designed for handling pallets in the company.

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The device, designed to speed up the lifting of shutters, gazebos, glass or metal ladders, air conditioners and air ducts, is a perfectly balanced combination of versatility, safety and ease of use. Many compatible accessories can be purchased on Sollevapratico website! Moreover, the 200mm wheels facilitate the easy trasport of the sturdy design, while the 3 independent safety systems enable the user to work safely. The benefit? The TORO-E manual lift is operational in less than 30 seconds, facilitating the handling of bulky and/or delicate loads with integrated lift level control for a perfect operation. In detail:
  • Variable width forks
  • Load capacity of up to 200 kg and a maximum working height of 3.45 meters
  • Support base equipped with wheels and 2 stabilizing arms
  • Lifting cable made of ultra-resistant and anticorrosive steel
  • 3 independent safety systems: intermediate blocks, braked winch and automatic fall arrest brake
  • German certification TUV - GS - BGV D8
  • Manual operation
  • Base with adjustable wheelbase, precision system for working on facades and control during lifting phase for an accurate and stable handling in all working conditions.
However, the advantages of the TORO-E manual lift are not limited to the above-mentioned features alone. At Sollevapratico, we believe in the value of customization. We have a wide range of extra accessories you can use to turn your manual lift into a loyal ally on-site (and elsewhere). The TORO-E conceived and designed for pallet handling in the company.