Max Height: 100 cmMax Flow: 150 kgWeight: 24 kg

Manual lifter ML 2-P, safe, reliable, easily transportable even on cars (folded), excellent for loading and transporting weights from the ground up to a height of 1.05 m

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The manual lifter for heavy loads ML 2-P favors the vertical handling of goods up to 120 kg on the platform and 150 kg on the forks, favoring work practices with the intervention of a single operator. With its compact structure in ultra-resistant and scratch-resistant aluminium, the ML 2-P can be used as a moving floor on site or in the workshop at the discretion of the user. In addition, a note of merit is bestowed on the multifunctionality of the design: the structure is opened and stored in a matter of seconds, without the aid of additional machinery. In addition, the 250x70 millimeter wheels are designed to stabilize the transport of the load on rough terrain. The same goes for the position of the winch which is ergonomic to the touch and comfortable even in the most intense handling sessions. The advantages are, therefore, many: on the one hand, the manual lifter for industrial loads ML 2-P is designed to handle fragile, heavy and/or bulky goods with a minimum waste of space and, on the other, the intuitive contributes to the prevention of the operator's health. Among the most interesting technical specifications of the model in question, we at Sollevapratico remember:
  • Capacity with platform of 120 kg
  • Capacity with forks of 150 kg
  • Platform height of 1.26 meters
  • Height of the forks 1.57 metres
  • Loading height with platform of 65 mm
  • Loading height with forks of 100 mm
  • Overall lift weight of 20 kg
  • Platform dimensions (without forks) of 400x420 mm
  • Platform dimensions (with adjustable forks) of 370x320 – 590 mm
  • 4 mm anti-corrosion steel cable integrated into the structure of the manual lifter
  • Base with forks equipped with 250x70 mm wheels
The question therefore arises spontaneously: what are the benefits of a manual winch that subjects the operator to minimal effort, even during the most exhausting work sessions? The advantages of the ML 2-P crank lift are to be found both in the strategic position of the winch, which is ergonomic and comfortable in the long run, and in the versatility of the device, which can be used in the workshop or on site with a mobile transport surface (horizontal) in order to maximize the resources available.