Max Height: 450 cmMax Flow: 125 kgWeight: 37 kg

The ELC 730/R manual lifter is one of the smallest and most practical in the world. Ideal for mounting awnings and pergolas, air conditioners, air ducts or more simply as an adjustable work surface. Due to its size and low weight, it can be moved and handled very easily. Indispensable for working safely and comfortably!



The ELC 730/R manual lift ensures excellent performance thanks to its compact and easy-to-use design for various movements on site. Designed for the assembly of awnings and pergolas, air conditioners and air ducts, it is often transformed into an adjustable work surface with reduced dimensions and low weight. In addition, the machinery does not require preliminary installations and/or assembly before use; it is sufficient to place the stabilizing legs of the structure on the ground, place the feet - checking that they are firmly on the ground - and house the supplied BC-02 platform. In addition, the telescopic leg of the ELC 730/R manual lifter facilitates optimal positioning on rough, slippery and uneven terrain through the multi-position design. The integrated safety systems are also interesting: braked winch and stop in free fall in the event that the steel cable should break due to excessive weight. Unlikely hypothesis, since the ELC 730/R manual forklift truck has a maximum capacity of 125 kg up to a height of approximately 4.5 metres. In detail:
  • Two safety systems: braked winch and descent arrest after breaking the ultra-resistant steel cable
  • Telescopic leg for excellent positioning on any type of flooring and/or irregular ground
  • BC-02 platform supplied
  • Ideal for lifting awnings, pergolas, air conditioners and air ducts on site
  • Equipped with wheels with brakes to be able to position it where needed and stabilize it.
  • Wheels for easy transport when closed at the bottom
  • Can be used as a horizontally adjustable work surface
  In conclusion, the ELC 730/R manual lifter proves to be an essential ally on construction sites thanks to its record-breaking performance: the forklift in question is among the smallest, most practical and strongest currently on the market. An advantage, that of portability and lightness, which should never be underestimated. Word of Sollevapratico!