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Max Height: EL 11.80 m cmMax Height: EL 13.80 m cmMax Height: EL 15.80 m cmMax Height: EL 17.80 m cmMax Height: EL 19.80 m cmMax Height: EL 21.80 m cmMax Height: EL 23.80 m cmMax Height: EL 5.80 m cmMax Height: EL 7.80 m cmMax Height: EL 9.80 m cm

Mobile elevator with modular elements, designed for moving in small spaces and for fast lifting. Used and particularly suitable for lifting solar panels to the roof or for doors and windows.



The structure consists of a basic element equipped with a motor unit and hollow drum, intermediate elements available with lengths of 0.5, 1.0 and 2.0 m in sufficient numbers to reach the desired height (maximum length equal to 24 m) and end element carrying the cable return pulley for trolley lifting. The terminal element can be linear or curved, adjustable from 25° to 45° to facilitate unloading operations of the lifted material. The single elements described above are made entirely of aluminum and consist of two "C" shaped sections connected to each other by means of square tubes placed at a distance of 500 mm. The connection between the various elements is achieved by means of bolts and eyebolts as well as reinforcing gussets fixed to the lower end of each element, which during assembly are inserted into the upper end of the underlying element. Once the lift structure has reached an extension of 8 m, it must be secured by means of telescopic cross-brackets. The trolley consists of a frame mounted on wheels which allow it to move constrained to the wings of the "C" sections. The accessory suitable for the type of material to be lifted is mounted on it. The lifting unit consists of a 1.1 kW single-phase self-braking electric motor, helical gear reducer and rope winding drum equipped with side flanges (rope Ø = 6 mm). On the basic element is also mounted the switchboard and the lift control button. Fixed stops and electric limit switches are installed at the lower and upper ends of the stroke. Standard composition: - Motor group - N. 2 extensions of 2 m

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