With a maximum load of 400 kg, the VB4 CURVI electric suction cup it mounts an integrated battery with radio control, dual-circuit safety systems and suction cups that are ideal for lifting and handling large-sized glass where space is limited.

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The VB4 CURVI model is a suction cup lifter powered by a rechargeable battery, with 4 suction plates with a diameter of 310 mm and a capacity of 400 kg. With the additional (optional) articulated arms with 12 small diameter suction cups, it allows the gripping and lifting of glass curved in plan. This lifter allows manual tilting of 90° and continuous manual rotation of 360°. A filtering system for dust and condensation is present.
  • As an option, the VB4 CURVI electric suction cup can have a radio control for remote suction and release.
  • This machine is specific for use on site, thanks to its double vacuum circuit which makes it in line with the European directives EN 13155.
  • Also available with plates with a diameter of 150 mm and a capacity of 400 kg, for lifting planar curved glass (optional).
In addition, we at Sollevapratico.it guarantee you a stand (optional accessory) equipped with wheels to facilitate movement on site and in any industrial working environment. The latter also serves as storage for the device to minimize the chances of damaging your suction cup.

The price indicated refers to the suction cup unit only, excluding accessories.