Max Flow: 170 kg

The Nemo GRABO electric suction cup is the ultimate solution for flooring professionals, carpenters, glass and window frame installers, but also for movers and construction workers who intend to invest in a portable, efficient accessory equipped with excellent value for money.

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The machine has a maximum load of 170 kg of grip for positioning and handling plasterboard, windows, doors, wood and tiles. The GRABO Plus electric suction cup is the first in the world with 100% electric and universal operation. The wide range of compatible surfaces also includes slippery or uneven materials - such as natural stone, diamond sheets or tiles of different sizes. Why choose it? Because lifting heavy loads will no longer be a problem. In detail:
  • The portable electric suction cup has a battery life of 1.5 hours and it recharges in about 2 hours
  • Size of the plate: 297 x 181 x 115 mm
  • Weight of the machine (with battery included): 1.5 kg, for a comfortable and universal use
  • Battery voltage and power: 14.8 V and 16 W
  • Ergonomic, anti-slip handle for a firm grip in all working conditions
  • Manometer for pressure control, connected to the LCD screen
  Moreover, the perpendicular lifting force of the portable electric suction cup differ according to the material:
  • Plasterboard: 75 kg
  • Metal: 110 kg
  • Glass: 170 kg
  • Wood: 100 kg
  • Slate: 80 kg
  • Plastic: 100 kg
  • Concrete: 80 kg
The GRABO Plus electric suction cup is shipped with battery, wall charger and a replacement plate for fast and efficient maintenance. Whatever your next professional or amateur handling is, this machine will certainly make a difference.