Max Height: 430 cmMax Flow: 130 kgWeight: 26 kg

Thanks to its technical characteristics and sturdy construction, the CM 439 electric lifter is perfect for lifting awnings, pergolas, bioclimatic awnings and wooden pergolas. This lift allows a considerable reduction of the effort on the part of the operator. The uses of the CM 439 also include the installation of air conditioning systems and in catering for the assembly of extractor hoods.



The CM 439 electric telehandler is a skilfully balanced mix of practicality, lightness and ease of use. The four modular legs make it suitable for intensive use on internal floors and irregular surfaces. Do you want to speed up the assembly of awnings, pergolas and air conditioners? The professional device puts the user's safety first: the aluminum treated at high temperatures is resistant and reliable, the emergency button is easily accessible in all working conditions, while the comfortable joystick allows you to adjust the ascent speed and one-handed descent. Furthermore, the electric lift does not require assembly and assembly: the operator will have to place the CM 439 on the ground, check that the telescopic feet are firmly anchored to the ground, check that the machinery is level using the appropriate reader located on the top of the rod and, lastly, house the platform intended for ascent/descent. With its 130 kg maximum total load and a reachable height of 4.3 metres, the electric telehandler is the inevitable workmate to be used to complete basic installations in record time. In detail:
  • 130 kg maximum supported up to 4.3 meters in height
  • Handle that can be activated by the user in the event of a temporary power failure
  • Presence of a fourth adjustable leg which favors the positioning of the CM 439 electric telehandler close to walls and obstacles
  • Joystick to always have the up and down speed button at your fingertips
  • Standard wheels under the central pole and under each stabilizing leg, to ensure mobility even after positioning
  • One of the most popular options among our buyers is the extension for the loading platform
  • Dimensions and weight of excellence: 38 kg for 380 mm wide (closed) and 1.3 m (open). The CM 439 electric telehandler takes up less space than a folding ladder
  • Ready to use: the device does not require assembly and installation
The CM 439 electric telehandler is the most practical and adaptable installation system among those currently on the market: the millimetric adjustment during the ascent and descent of the floor is favored by the tensioned steel cable system and the selector button. It will allow you to speed up the lifting and assembly practices with comfort and safety. POSSIBLE WARRANTY EXTENSION UP TO 5 YEARS FOR ONLY 450.00 EURO.