With a maximum load of 800 kg, the electric vacuum lifter VB 4+4 features an integrated battery with radio control, autochthonous safety systems to improve the operator’s workflow and highly customized autonomous controls.



The devices that we at Sollevapratico.it have selected for our commercial interlocutors are a skilfully balanced mix of versatility - as in the case of manual 360-degree rotation - and speed. The VB 4+4 electric suction cup uses a double suction circuit to halve the time required for gripping and subsequent installation of the glass panes. In addition, the weight of the machine fluctuates around 95 kg, demonstrating its robustness and material quality: a "heavy weight" that you will no longer be able to do without. The battery-operated suction cups with autonomous controls also facilitate the handling of glass and glazed frames on any type of flooring, putting operational quality and user safety first. In detail:
  • Maximum capacity between 400 and 800 kg
  • Operation with battery and remote control
  • Guided tilt
  • Double suction circuit system with tanks for an even firmer and faster grip
  • Possibility of manual rotation at 360 degrees
In addition, we at Liftpratico guarantee you a stand equipped with wheels (optional accessory) to facilitate movement on site and in any industrial working environment. The latter also acts as a deposit for the device to minimize the possibility of damaging your VB 4+4 electric suction cup.