With a maximum load of 1500 kg, the electric suction lifter GLE 4+8 it features an integrated battery with radio control, autochthonous safety systems to improve the operator’s workflow and highly customized autonomous controls.

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The GLE4+8 d4 vacuum lifter allows you to lift glasses of various sizes, up to a maximum capacity of 1500kg. The GLE series of suction cups are powered by rechargeable batteries which, if necessary, can be easily removed and replaced.
  • Maximum capacity 1500 KG
  • Operation with battery and remote control
  • Electric guided tilt
  • Double suction circuit system with tanks for an even firmer and faster grip
  • Electric continuous 360° rotation
The 90° electric tilt is guaranteed by a hydraulic cylinder; even the continuous 360° rotation is totally electric. The included remote control allows you to suction and release the load remotely; moreover, it allows you to control tilting and rotation simply. The structure of this suction cup is modular and very compact. The quality of the internal components and the sturdiness of the structure guarantee reliability and total safety even for large sized glasses. GLE4+8 has 12 suction plates with a diameter of 390 mm, 4 on the structure of the lifter and 8 on removable arms. These extensions allow you to change the configuration and lifting capacity, adapting the lifter to different glass sizes. The arms can be removed quickly and easily. The suction cup lifter is equipped with dual vacuum circuit to be used on site, in compliance with EN13155. Furthermore, it is equipped with a vacuum control unit which constantly monitors the vacuum level in the circuits, signaling any anomalies with audio-visual alarms.