Max Flow: 130 kgWeight: 30 kg

Renewed in aesthetics and functionality, the Donkey Light electric stairlift is designed for handling goods on the flat and on fixed stairs (up to a maximum of 130 kg).

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Renewed in terms of aesthetics and functionality, the Donkey Light electric stair climbing trolley is designed for handling goods on flat surfaces and on fixed stairs (up to a maximum of 130 kg). The machine allows the operator to speed up transport practices, while maintaining safety: the empty descent system does not require electrical or mechanical adjustment, while the intelligent step recognition technology does not provide for automatic wheel locking. Made in compliance with Community Directives, the Donkey Light electric stair climber is the best ally in internal environments or for civil use, in the commercial sector and in light industry. In addition, the device has a total weight of less than 30 kg, making it one of the most manageable and performing models currently on the market. The stair climbing trolley has a removable 24 V – 13Ah (2 kg) lithium battery and two buttons on the external body: the first is located near the rudder and regulates ascent and descent, the second allows movement of the machine when the rudder is folded – making it easier to climb the last step. With its foldable platform measuring 31x27 centimeters and the anchor belt adaptable to the load, the Donkey Light is the lightest and most compact version of the Donkey devices. In detail:
  • The Donkey Light electric stair climber has a rudder that can be adjusted to various positions according to the load being transported.
  • The control panel is equipped with an up/down selector, ignition key, residual battery indicator and potentiometer.
  • The lifting lever guarantees the execution of the transport electrically, thanks also to the step recognition technology.
  • To recharge the electric lifter battery, all you need is a car charger
  • The stair climbing trolley easily carries up to a maximum of 130 kg.
  • The weight of the structure is less than 30 kg.
  • The Donkey Light adapts to the most varied work environments, from private use to light industry.
The electric stair climbing trolley reaches a maximum speed of 30 steps per minute and an autonomy of 750 steps on a single charge. Finally, the power of the 350 Watt motor and the performance of the battery allow the user to work in complete safety, relying on the residual battery detector located on the interactive dashboard.