Coffin lifter | 4.20 MANUAL

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Hand-operated, compact and agile wheeled meter lift allows passage even in small aisles.

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The 4.20 manual coffin makes portability, light weight and ease of use its workhorses. Unlike the tracked and motorized variants, this model does not require advanced skills or specific preparatory training. Its ease of use makes it accessible to a wide range of users, while its compact chassis facilitates passage in narrow aisles and corridors thanks to its 260-millimeter diameter wheels. In addition, the device provides direct control over lifting and load positioning, increasing accuracy when handling heavy objects. Travel is aided by the physical strength of the operator; the 360-degree swivel wheels with front brakes make transport operations not at all strenuous. What's more, the wide steering angle helps position the device with pinpoint accuracy. Since it does not have any motorized or electronic components, the manual ironmonger requires minimal maintenance. Simply make sure that the aluminum frame is in good condition before proceeding with lifting the professional and the load. Also, remember to observe the rules of use to significantly reduce the risk of injury and accidents when moving coffins or plates. It is advisable to wear personal protective equipment and not to exceed the maximum allowable loads. In detail:
  • The extruded aluminum column with nylon sliding rollers ensures optimal smoothness and fluidity during ascent and descent.
  • The platform of the manual 4.20 manual coffin can be equipped with one or two baskets for the simultaneous use of two operators.
  • A roller conveyor cover for transporting bricks and equipment can be requested.
  • The single basket can be positioned on either side. During rest transitions it can be placed on the roller conveyor floor.
  • Mounding with the manual 4.20 mounding machine reaches a maximum height of 4 meters.

Detailed price list

Model Max. Height Max. Payload Maximum tumulation height Weight
4.20S-M 3.00 m 120 + 200 kg 4.20 m 270 kg
4.20D-M 3.00 m 80 + 80 + 200 kg 4.20 m 290 kg