Coffin lifter | 4.20 ELECTRIC

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Electrically driven, compact and agile wheeled coffin-lifts allow passage even in small aisles.

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Easy to manoeuvre, durable and versatile. The electric coffin lifter 4.20 for one or two operators simplifies the transport and lifting of coffins thanks to its robust design and intuitive control panel. The device reaches a working height of 5 metres with a maximum load capacity of 120 kg on the single basket (and 80 kg when used simultaneously by the second operator). The platform dimensions (0.54 x 0.56 metres) ensure freedom of movement for professionals and optimisation of productivity and set-up times.   The electrically powered 4.20 coffin lifter is equipped with a durable and compact painted steel frame. The vertical design and 260 millimetre diameter wheels make it easy to move through aisles and narrow places.   The strength of the electric model lies in its ease of use. Since the cemetery equipment is intended for intensive use, this model has a single rubber wheel with a high starting power to allow movement even on the steepest slopes and steep terrain. In addition, the 4.20 mower reaches a minimum burial height of 560 millimetres and a maximum of 4 metres. Doing most of the work is the double battery with 24 V power supply, mounted on the device and accompanied by an electronic battery charger on the base frame.   The spearhead of the electric iron hoist lies in its versatility and ease of operation: the controls allow the operator to approach the work area precisely and safely, reducing the risk of knocks and damage to zero. In addition, the coffin lifting system is provided by an extruded aluminium column with nylon rollers for a smooth and fluid ascent and descent.   In detail:
  • The platform can be customised with one or two baskets.
  • The coffin-holder platform is compatible for front and side burial operations.
  • The coffin-holder platform can be adjusted either manually or by means of an electric cylinder.
  • The steel frame has a width of 780 millimetres and a length of 1400 millimetres.
  • The pivoting capacity allows the load to be positioned exactly where desired, facilitating work in confined or hard-to-reach spaces.

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