The Sollevapratico company based in Marene CN, leader in the marketing and rental of professional lifters: manual lifters, construction hoists, lifters for moving glass and fixtures, elevators for air conditioning and curtain assembly. with thirty years of experience of the two partners of FEBA s.r.l. we have been licensees / exclusivists for Italy for three leading companies in the lifting sector for over 10 years: K.S.F, GUIL and TGT.

K.S.F leader in Europe, manufacturer of the lifters par excellence CM340 and CM520, small, electric and handy lifters.
Thus begins our exclusive distribution on the Italian territory
and with a commitment to promotion and distribution, retaining important companies from different sectors which include the CM340 and CM520 lifters in their price lists as a Service for their customers.
At the same time, the range of lifts has been expanded and 6 other TORO models are added, manual, in 19 versions to lift various types of heavy materials.

GUIL TECNOLOGY made in Spain manufacturer of material lifters with compact design and condensed dimensions that offer installers and technicians a safe and practical solution for all their lifting needs. Wide range of models, adapters and accessories GUIL Material Lifts can be used in many different fields, and are known for their high quality and durability.

TGT specializes in the lifting of glass and fixtures where 8 other specific models are added for lifting, moving and laying flat and curved surfaces of glass plates.

In 2016 we start with the RENTAL service of the ROBBY 600 / GRM 250 lifter and the TORO D lifter with suction cup support for the installation of glass and fixtures, the rental can be from one day to several days both with and without operator. Training for use takes place either in our new Marene office in Via E. Melano, 4C or directly at the customer’s site. sensitive to work in safety and health of the worker offers two individual protective devices: SUN200 / WIN200 to prevent falls from above, useful and indispensable for any operator who must perform a job beyond the floor.

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